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The customer is always right. So rather than telling you about our beef until the cows come home, we thought you'd like to hear about Nevada County Free Range Beef from the experts themselves.

From Elizabeth D. of Nevada City, Ca:

"Nevada County Free Range Beef saved me when I was pregnant with my daughter, Althea. I had terrible morning sickness that persisted way into the second trimester. So my midwife, Alison, told me to up my protein intake. Because I wanted to nurture my unborn child with quality meat that I knew had been raised sustainably, I tried Nevada County Free Range Beef. It was absolutely delicious and my morning sickness disappeared (as long as I ate enough protein every day).

"Grass is a more natural diet for cows than the corn that is commonly fed to cows in conventional feedlots. And this unnatural production method is responsible for all sorts of environmental damage, including the excessive use of antibiotics and superbugs' antibiotic resistance due to the illnesses these unhealthy cows acquire. I was happy to buy my beef from a local farmer. It's a disappearing phenomenon to know the farmer who grew or raised your food, but it's important to me to eat locally. When the average food item on your plate travels 1500 miles, that's an awful lot of oil when food of superior quality is being produced in our local area.

"I'm grateful to farmers like Jim of Nevada County Free Range Beef, who produce such nutritious and delicious food."

Kind regards, Elizabeth

From Tom and Nena Hart of Penn Valley, Ca:

"Hi Jim, Nena and I want to thank you for raising wonderfully tasting beef. We've had a couple rib eyes and some hamburger and all was great! We haven't eaten much hamburger the past few years, due to not knowing what is in it. We love the taste of yours and love knowing where it came from."

Thanks again, Tom and Nena Hart P.S. Be sure to put us on your ordering list for next year.

From Martha Zetter of Stockton, Ca:

"Just wanted you to know, Joe and I had your liver for dinner two nights ago and it was so tasty. Mild flavor, unlike liver I've bought at the local meat market (of course, theirs wasn't grass fed). Also, your bones did not leave a strong odor in my kitchen while brewing broth. Other grass-fed bones I've cooked before have left a terrible smell. Wish I'd had room to take more home, but the darn freezer will only hold so much and it's already filled from the array of goodies I've collected this summer."

Peace and blessings for your continued success, Martha Zetter, Holistic RN, Nutrition Educator