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TO ORDER: CALL 530-273-1025

Our beef is available April through December (depending on year-to-year weather conditions and their impact on the pastures), but you can order any time during the year. We move heaven and earth to accommodate orders with little lead time, but to best serve you we recommend that you place your order at least three weeks in advance. Let us know the month you want to pick up your order, and as that month nears we'll contact you to arrange the pickup date and location.

Because we're committed to producing a local product, we don't ship our beef. If you would like to find a source of pasture-raised beef that's closer to you, we highly recommend EatWild.com or LocalHarvest.org.

The basics

We sell our beef by the quarter, half, or whole animal. A quarter is approximately 70 to 90 pounds, which fills roughly seven cubic feet of freezer space. Cost is calculated on a per-pound basis across all types of cuts. Cost per pound is $9.00 per pound for quarter, half, and whole animal orders. Quarter and half orders include selected cuts from front and hind sections. Cuts vary in weight from approximately one-pound portions for hamburger, to roasts ranging from two to three and 3/4 pounds. Cuts are wrapped and labelled in convenient sizes, then vacuum packed and flash frozen. You can order or ask a question about orders anytime, online, by filling out our order form. Or call us at 530-273-1025. If you get our message, be sure to let us know the best time to reach you. We look forward to talking with you.

The details

Here's an example of a typical quarter-animal order. In this case the total weight of cuts is 78.49 lbs and the total cost to the customer is $706.41. Your order will consist of the following cuts, but since every animal is different, the exact weights per cut in your order will differ from this example.

  • back ribs: 1 package; 2.05 lbs total

  • boneless rib eye steaks: 3 steaks; 3.06 lbs total

  • chuck roast: 3 roasts; 5.42 lbs total

  • crosscut shank: 3 shanks; 4.38 lbs total

  • crossrib roast: 2 roasts; 5.19 lbs total

  • filet mignon: 2 filets; 1.77 lbs total

  • flat iron steak: 1 steak; .72 lbs total

  • hamburger (lean): 18 packages; 19.99 lbs total

  • brisket: 1 brisket; 3.09 lbs total

  • flank steak: 1 steak; 1.42 lbs total

  • London broil: 2 packages; 3.87 lbs total

  • New York steak: 3 steaks; 3.08 lbs total

  • rump roast: 2 roasts; 4.52 lbs total

  • hanging tender: 1 package; .99 lbs total

  • short ribs: 2 packages; 4.72 lbs total

  • sirloin tip roasts: 2 roasts; 3.53 lbs total

  • eye of round roast: 1 roast; 1.90 lbs total

  • stew meat: 2 packages; 2.57 lbs total

  • skirt steak: 1 steak; .96 lbs total

  • top sirloin steak: 4 steaks; 5.25 lbs total